Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Property Man

The Last Chaplin Film Is A Countess from Hong Kong

The Property Man by Charles Chaplin, 1914:

Hides a pitcher of beer in his sagging overalls, then bends over to pick up the purse a dame has dropped / Have to define oneself as one thing — the property master: part of the story doesn't get underway till the end of the first reel / There's more continuity across cuts here than in any of the Sennett-Chaplin films / Get out there and make my voice listenable / When a star rises up to his boss — 'Do you know who that was? — Jack Dempsey' / Ends in another chaos blitz, well-executed, well-executed / I hate clever comedians / Comedians who entertain the eyebrows, coax your grin / Chaplin was no Reggie Watts


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