Sunday, June 16, 2024

The Poet of Castelo

Andrade's First Film

The very nice first film by the Brazilian pioneer Jorge Pedro de Andrade, the 10-minute short O poeta do Castelo [1959] is practically unknown in the US. In fact, it and the following film in his body of work were part of the same project for some time, before he decided to split the diptych into two separate films, one devoted to both of the episodes.

The Poet of Castelo, a short documentary, focuses on the poet Manuel Bandeira as he strolls from his apartment to the streets of Rio below, with a voice-over in Bandeira's words which oscillates between his observations of the city life and his internal composition of a new work.


My Complete Writings at Cinemasparagus on the films of Jorge Pedro de Andrade:

O poeta do Castelo [The Poet of Castelo, 1959]


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