Friday, September 12, 2014

See You Next Tuesday

Lyrics by CK


"Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't be pretty."

"Shame to my own gender."

Pregnant Mona obliterates niceties —

She touches surfaces the rest of us can't!

Stooling in Key Food stacking powder-scoop iced teas

Expecting some gaga gush from her gant!

Girls are like snowflakes, some melt at your feet —

Wipe your angel's wet print from your mattress!

Choreographed Drake, and it's set to repeat,

As the actress performs for the actress!

You read in Pitchfork that piece about five-years and Grimes.

Portrait of a Critic Controlling One's Story

Would be the name of your novel if you only had time

To escape private entries and enter your glory.

Is socioeconomic struggle all yours?

Feel your body's political 'cause Mom's seen your film?

Tobia or not, to be Mona assures

Ex nihilo: MoMA; after "Ventolin", "Flim".


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