Friday, June 21, 2024

The Master of Apipucos

Rio, Late Nineteen Fifties

The second-half of Andrade's 22-minute diptych (previously attached to the short The Poet of Castelo by the filmmaker), focuses on the esteemed Brazilian poet Manuel Bandeira; in The Master of Apipucos [O mestre de Apipucos, 1959], on Alberto Freyre, sociologist, the other half of Andrade's work comes to our attention. The episode on Alberto Freyre follows the same structure, the subject walking, talking, rumination, a small examination of the evidence for Rio de Janeiro's rich cultural life. 


My Writings on the Complete Joaquim Pedro de Andrade

(This 3-disc Blu-ray set was issued by Kino in 2018.)

O poeta do Castelo [The Poet of Castelo, 1959]

O mestre de Apipucos [The Master of Apipucos, 1959]


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