Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An Independencia Sampler

Raya Martin.

Pedro Costa.

Jean-Pierre Gorin.

Luc Moullet.

Interviews and images by Cyril Neyrat, Eugenio Renzi, Antoine Thirion, and Quentin Mével. Et al. Courtesy Independencia.fr.

In the final clip, Moullet's remarks in French are very funny. As happens at screenings and festivals, the English translator intermittently interjects with on-the-fly renditions of approx. one-fifth of what the maestro's saying, and is seemingly unaware of why it might be entertaining to make a special point in translating the funny stuff making the audience LOL. Then again, she might not have a sense of humor. Inutile, mais bonne projection.

Conversation avec Raya Martin 1 from Independencia on Vimeo.

Pedro remix from Independencia on Vimeo.

Vladimir et Rosa from Independencia on Vimeo.

Luc Moullet 1/2 from Independencia on Vimeo.

FID Ouverture from Independencia on Vimeo.


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