Thursday, March 24, 2022

"Rolex Laxative"

These are the lyrics I penned for the opening track on an album I'm writing. More to come.


Rolex Laxative

Kern County time moves a wholly different pace

Cosines alone can’t chart residents’ space

Airport Café and the Five Finger Pub

Exercise their lottery rights, and there blow the rub

Do a double-take at the Brewery as I believe that’s the guy

Who’s the multi-instrumentalist of Hundred Digits of Pi

A teachable moment

The Great Emancipator

I had a dream as an omen

On her graphing calculator

Kernites exercise their watery rights

Could’ve sworn I dialed 3-1-1 a long time ago

One plank creaks while the others don’t

McNally’s Outpost and the Pizza Barn

A “Steal Your Face” sticker spins sticky yarn

Charting her course in seconds, cosecants

Garbage bag fragrance and indifferent sequence

A teachable moment

One hand dangling free

Drawstrings are drawn open

To chuck that disused tambourine

Kernites exercise their watery rights

Behold the spirits milked from the net-entangled dairy-deer

Believe it or not, you’ll never find a ride-share here

Buy fish-market jackal-meat then perfume it with make-up

Even dumb-bell Lake Isabella dogs can sense a break-up

It’s all true about me in California with an Arizona tag

On the way I re-rigged Peter Frampton’s tubes for colostomy bags

No bombs will ever fall on Kern

Will ever fall on Kern



Writing well is the best revenge

Is the best revenge

For what you want

For what you want

Evidence of my single hike proves my proactivity

Flexing my tendons and choking on reflexivity

The neighbor’s lights at night lend dimension to the space

Rolex laxative

Rolex laxative

The radiance

The radiance