Thursday, August 06, 2009


Canary by Alejandro Adams, 2009:

Now up at The Auteurs: a roundtable discussion between Dave McDougall, Michael Sicinski, Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, and me on the subject of Alejandro Adams' great-and-important film, Canary. It plays tomorrow night (8/7/09) at Rooftop Films in Brooklyn. Adams' collaborator / producer / actress / spouse Marya Murphy will be in attendance. To read the roundtable, click here.

Location and ticket details for the Rooftop screening included inside the link.

To read a piece I wrote back in April about Canary, click here.

More at Cinemasparagus soon about Adams' debut feature, 2008's superb Around the Bay.


Radiohead have released a new song — "Harry Patch (In Memory Of)".

Recorded as a tribute to Harry Patch, the last surviving Englishman to have served in the first World War (at least, the last to have still lived on English soil — The New York Times reports another British veteran residing in Australia), who died days ago at age 111 and who, in his final years, lent a moving and forceful voice to the cause of pacifism. The recording preceded Patch's death by several weeks, and the band have decided to release it in the wake of his passing. It's available for download for £1.00 GBP. All proceeds go to the British Legion.

It is a gorgeous and powerful work. Details and download at Radiohead's site, here.


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