Monday, December 24, 2018


Stillborn in 70

"Every m(e|ovie)ment(o) thicc with that "kind-of..." post-Cuarónian mise-en-scène"

"Cuarón's movie, thick with the aroma of a masterpiece"

I liked the actress and I liked the last minutes, except (spoiler alert) for "Shantih Shantih Shantih..." Throw in a boy seer and some street riots; the soupçons de la violencia are in place. Other 'prophecies' cast backward already litter the ground. Voices carry and we drown.

Anyway, in a world where Fellini's Roma exists, it just seems like a colossal misappropriation of funding. "De las casas de Diór y de Cuarón. Una nueva fragancia. DIAROMA. Para los 'travellings'."

It makes me think of that conversation between Pialat and Godard, on the money for period films.


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