Friday, June 05, 2009

Hissy Fits

and Giggles

A short video-film at seven minutes forty-two seconds, — a sketch, really — and included on the Benten DVD for LOL as a kind of study for the main feature, Hissy Fits doesn't impress on a pictorial level, but provokes admiration for the economy in its development of a single idea.

Hissy Fits by Joe Swanberg, 2005:


"Not genuinely poor or an exploited worker, / Not sick with an incurable disease, / Not thirsty for justice, or a cavalry officer, / Not, in short, within any of those social categories depicted by novelists / Who pour themselves out on paper because they have good reasons for shedding tears / And who rebel against society because their good reasons make them think they're rebels. // .... // And I don't have the excuse of being socially concerned. / I have no excuse at all: I'm lucid. // Don't try to persuade me otherwise: I'm lucid. / It's like I said: I'm lucid. / Don't talk to me about aesthetics with a heart: I'm lucid. / Shit! I'm lucid."
—from "We crossed paths on a downtown Lisbon street" by Álvaro de Campos, c. 1930. From a translation from the Portuguese by Richard Zenith.


Social Olympics from Craig Keller on Vimeo.


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