Saturday, April 09, 2011

Certified Copy

'I Live You'



  1. the " I Live You" tag could not be more apt. A love story as dress up and role play. Also a road film: gaining momentum and complications with each tangential fork in the road...almost a circular, absurdist response to Rossellini's Voyage to Italy.
    this film totally caught me off guard..awesome.

  2. Exactly. It's dress-up and role-play, and it's also the reality of the film.

    It's quantum cinema. Both the diegetic reality and the proposed 'play' all at once. Both a fiction and an essay at once.

    It's "two opposing ideas" being held in the mind at once.

    It's also one of Kiarostami's only (is Kiarostami's only?) direct reference to specific films, or rather modes of specific cinema-idiom for the purpose of his own cinematographic inquiry — as you say, Voyage in Italy, — and also The Red Desert, La notte, Italian theater, The Golden Coach, and late Buñuel, etc....

    Beyond quantum it's also relativistic cinema; when we latch onto the above aspect one of the 'entries' that we have to give faith to is an accelerated time-span inside of A Relationship, passing through the phases. And, as said, the phases pass through a certain vein of cinema history, but it's not necessary to 'connect all the dots' here anymore than it is to try and peg where the segments of "Aeolus" in Ulysses correspond to the details of Homer's sequence.



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