Monday, August 22, 2011

Finding the Criminal

"Lots of Cigarette Play, Like in Donovan's Reef." —Tag Gallagher

Finding the Criminal by Craig Keller, 2010:

"The story is told — ancient and told." —Pedro Costa

My film Finding the Criminal is out today, included in the DVD release for Pedro Costa's Colossal Youth from The Masters of Cinema Series.

Finding the Criminal runs 118 minutes and documents a conversation that took place among Pedro Costa, Andy Rector, and me in November 2008 on the history of cinema, cinema aesthetics, politics, music, etc. Lighting and sound-recording were provided by Jason Murphy and the late, great Sam Wells. Music is by Nick Wrigley and Jonathan Lomax.

Colossal Youth is accompanied by Costa's three shorts Tarrafal [2007], The Rabbit Hunters [Portuguese title: A caça ao coelho com pau, or Hunting the Rabbit with a Stick, 2007], and his recent O nosso homem [Our Man, 2010].

A 56-page full-color booklet contains a facsimile of Ventura's letter, and writing by Jacques Rancière, João Bénard da Costa, Arthur Mas, José Oliveira, Martial Pisani, and Andy Rector.

You can buy it from Amazon UK here.


"A fascinating shambolic 2 hours where Costa reminds us that 3 secs of a John Ford western is equal to 3 hours of some less illuminating contemporaries." —Andrew Lucre

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