Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Fait Accompli: Episode 1: Caused (Reduxpost)

From Jesse Furgurson's blog, in his top movies of the year, slotted between Blue Is the Warmest Color and Gravity:

"Is it sci-fi? Is it mumblecore? Is it a Rivette riff? Is the sound supposed to be doing that? Is this rambling half-impenetrable conversation ever going to end? Am I wasting 90 minutes of my life? But if this is just navel-gazing, why does it have so much of the world in it? Is it some kind of a diary? Is it all about the image, and what digital can do with it? Da fug? Am I just sleep-deprived or is this scene as good as I think it is? Why do I feel like I'm watching Film Socialisme (2010) all of a sudden? Is this the future? When's Episode 2 coming out?"

From Zach Campbell's blog entry, Year's End, in the "Asterisks" section among great films by Gabe Klinger, Dan Sallitt, Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, and Gina Telaroli: "Craig Keller's Fait Accompli: Episode 1: Caused (another very beautiful work to look at and seep into)..."


The first (pilot) episode of an ongoing film-serial. (Subsequent episodes 10-20 minutes.) Click the full-screen icon to watch. Best watched with headphones on laptops, iPads, or iPhones, or also via AppleTV, Roku, or any smart-TVs that stream Vimeo content. Or hook your (newer) Mac up to your TV via the HDMI out.

directed and edited by Craig Keller

scenario by Craig Keller

Craig Keller
Sunita Mani
Jeffrey Gardener
Jennifer Prediger
Homayoon Khorram

special appearances:
Todd Reichart
Caroline White
Tallie Medel
Jessye Casale

music: Jake Rabinbach / Craig Keller

produced by Craig Keller and Jeffrey Gardener


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