Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Comprehensive Introduction to Aphex Twin on the Release-Day of SYRO

Aphex Keetwin

I made a playlist for my friend Keetin to introduce her to Aphex Twin, Richard D. James, — whom I place alongside The Beatles, Phil Spector, Brian Wilson, Lee "Scratch" Perry, The Smiths, and Radiohead. If you haven't dug in yet, here's a perfectly sequenced playlist sampling from his entire body of work from 1991 (or 1985, depending on how you look at it) up to 2014 — from Analogue Bubblebath Vol. 1 and "Digeridoo" all the way up to, and ending on, the opening track of Syro, "minipops 67 [120.2] [source field mix]" — I think you can buy all of these tracks online. Always listen with headphones or decent speakers.

Running time: 3 hours 5 minutes. Purchase of Syro just finished downloading, about to listen now for the first time (with the exception of "minipops 67"). Aphex Twin's first material (under 'proper' Aphex Twin moniker, i.e., neither AFX nor The Tuss nor Polygon Window nor Caustic Window etc...) in 13 years, since his double-album masterpiece drukqs in 2001.

(Forgot to include any Caustic Window tracks on the release, so throw in, let's say, "Flutey", "Popeye", "Revpok", or "101 Rainbows Ambient Mix" anywhere they fit.)

Wish I still had the handwritten merch-postcard from RDJ I got in the mail at my house in Pennsylvania back in the day, when I was 16. (That'd've been around the time of Surfing on Sine Waves and Selected Ambient Works Volume II...)

1. Synthacon 9 [as The Tuss, from RUSHUP EDGE, 2007]

2. Analogue Bubblebath [as AFX, from ANALOGUE BUBBLEBATH: VOL. 1, 1991]

3. Wax the Nip [from ...I CARE BECAUSE YOU DO, 1995]

4. Avril 14th [from DRUKQS, 2001]

5. Come On You Slags [from ...I CARE BECAUSE YOU DO, 1995]

6. Crying in Your Face [as AFX, from ANALORD 4, 2005]

7. Heroes (Aphex Twin Remix) [from 26 MIXES FOR CASH, 2003]

8. On [from ON single, 1993]

9. Ventolin (Video Version) [from ...I CARE BECAUSE YOU DO, 1995]

10. Flow Coma (Remix by Aphex Twin) [from 26 MIXES FOR CASH, 2003]

11. Untitled / Track 18 (aka "Window Sill") [from SELECTED AMBIENT WORKS VOLUME II, 1994]

12. Digeridoo [from CLASSICS, original release 1992]

13. Flim [from COME TO DADDY single, 1997]

14. Xtal [from SELECTED AMBIENT WORKS '85-'92, 1992]

15. 4 [from RICHARD D. JAMES ALBUM, 1996]

16. Quoth [as Polygon Window, from SURFING ON SINE WAVES, 1993]

17. To Cure a Weakling Child, Contour Regard [from COME TO DADDY single, 1997]

18. Untitled / Track 24 (aka "White Blur 2") [from SELECTED AMBIENT WORKS VOLUME II, 1994]

19. Ventolin (Marazanvose Mix) [from VENTOLIN single, 1995]

20. Come to Daddy (Pappy Mix) [from COME TO DADDY, 1997]

21. Run the Place Red - AFX Mix [as AFX, from SMOJPHACE, 2003]

22. You Can't Hide Your Love (Hidden Love Mix) [from 26 MIXES FOR CASH, 2003]

23. Untitled / Track 25 (aka "Match Sticks") [from SELECTED AMBIENT WORKS VOLUME II, 1994]

24. Arched Maid via RDJ [as AFX, from HANGABLE AUTO BULB, 1995]

25. Ventolin (Cylob Mix) (cylob sonic research facility) [from VENTOLIN single, 1995]

26. Debase (Soft Palate) [from 26 MIXES FOR CASH, 2003]

27. Donkey Rhubarb [from DONKEY RHUBARB single, 1995]

28. Fingerbib [from RICHARD D. JAMES ALBUM, 1996]

29. Nannou [from WINDOWLICKER single, 1999]

30. Girl/Boy Song [from RICHARD D. JAMES ALBUM, 1996]

31. Windowlicker [from WINDOWLICKER single, 1999]

32. Bbydhyonchord [from DRUKQS, 2001]

33. Cock/Ver 10 [from DRUKQS, 2001]

34. Kesson Dalef [from DRUKQS, 2001]

35. 54 Cymru Beats [from DRUKQS, 2001]

36. Nanou2 [from DRUKQS, 2001]

37. minipops 67 [120.2] [source field mix] [from SYRO, 2014]


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