Monday, March 02, 2020

Poemquotes 14 - "IV. Correspondences" by Charles Baudelaire

my translation


IV. Correspondences - The Flowers of Evil
[III. Correspondances] [Les fleurs du mal]

Nature is a temple where living pillars
At times allow confused words to emerge;
Man crosses them through forests of symbols
Observing him with familiar looks.

Like prolonged echoes mingling from afar
Within a tenebrous and profound unity,
Vast as night and clarity,
Perfumes, colors, and sounds give response.

There are perfumes fresh as children's fleshes,
Gentle as oboes, green as prairies,
— And others, corrupted, rich, and triumphant,

Having the expansion of limitless things,
Like amber, musk, bezoin, and incense
Singing the transports of the mind and the senses.


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