Tuesday, May 04, 2021

In Memoriam: Monte Hellman. Hermine Karagheuz. Willy Kurant.

Here's to the fighters who took bruises in a brutal industry. Maybe Kurant less than the others; a working DP to the end. And Hermine Karagheuz, well what to say. She is the final shot of Out 1 and therefore will exist for eternity. All of cinema in a glance. Time flies. 

I will point you to Andy Rector's post on Monte and Bill Krohn's life of writing on him. It's here. Andy writes: "In memory of Monte Hellman, a great poet of the narrative cinema, we present below two crucial essays by Bill Krohn, two hard looks at Hellman's unsung films Iguana (1988) and Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out! (1989) -- a swashbuckler and a slasher. 

" "As a prologue and way of traveling back in time in Hellman's filmography, I'm also inserting below a 2017 email from Bill Krohn to me; it was his response to my lament that, seven years after the release of Road to Nowhere, "the cycle has come around, even among cinephiles: Monte is forgotten once again." Bill reversed my defensive into an offense move, emphasizing what had been achieved recently and was in the works with Hellman, and assures: "He's been forgotten as often as he's been discovered." "


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