Sunday, October 10, 2021

Hua yang de nian hua

 "To Those Who We Remember Fondly." —Wong Kar-wai's Epigraph

Wong's emotional 2 minute 31 second Hua yang de nian hua [The Age of Blossoms / Those Wonderful Varied Years, 2000 — which I believe is the Mandarin title of the feature-length In the Mood for Love, whose Cantonese title means the same] is composed of rediscovered print elements from the earlier age of the Chinese cinema, set to Zhou Xuan's song of the same title. It's a history of the women of this era of the Chinese cinema. It is sentimental in the highest sense. Rhyming shots celebrate Zhou's song, which begins with the opening bars of "Happy Birthday." Rhymes of visual motifs unite into one body of work, edited by WKW's right-hand man William Chang Suk Ping. Feet, stabbing, bombs, dancing, toned to different hues. A work of pure feeling that defies analysis — like a pop song.

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