Thursday, December 23, 2021

Joan Didion (1934-2021)


"Imagine Marion Morrison in Glendale. A Boy Scout, then a student at Glendale Higih. A tackle for U.S.C., a Sigma Chi. Summer vacations, a job moving props on the old Fox lot. There, a meeting with John Ford, one of the several directors who were to sense that into this perfect mold might be poured the inarticulate longings of a nation wondering at just what pass the trail had been lost. "Dammit," said Raoul Walsh later, "the son of a bitch looked like a man." And so after a while the boy from Glendale became a star. He ddid not become an actor, as he has always been careful to point out to interviewers ("How many times do I gotta tell you, I don't act at all, I re-act"), but a star, and the star called John Wayne would spend most of the rest of his life with one or another of those directors, out on some forsaken location, in search of the dream."

—from Slouching Towards Bethlehem (1968), from "John Wayne: A Love Song" (1965)


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