Monday, January 09, 2023

A Tale of Grief (aka A Tale of Sorrow and Sadness)

A Whole in One

A good story: a 'sexy golf magazine' impresario recruits a model to get up to snuff and become an exploited face of success. Cue Suzuki and with A Tale of Grief [Hishū monogatari, 1977] a return to feature filmmaking, following his ignominious parting ten years prior with Nikkatsu Studios after what they perceived as a fiasco that was Branded to Kill. I don't know much of the details behind the production of this great film maudit but I'd sure like to. Maybe someday the Suzuki biography we keen for will be written.

There was a DVD released years back; the subtitles aren't so hot, the image quality neither but watchable. I had a hard time focus on the film, so I'll just cut out here for now with the hope to revisit when a better copy becomes available, which it inevitably will. In the meantime: images from Reiko's Resort Corner.


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