Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Censorship on the Part of Disney, Apple, and Others' Streaming Services

Last straw, and this was predictable: Disney has begun censoring their assets from Splash to Toy Story 2 to a file of The French Connection which they disseminated across various licensing digital platforms, including the here-unwitting Criterion Channel who stands against all of this. I am violently opposed to censorship of artwork and speech and thought on every level and I give no consideration to fake grey areas. I will be cancelling all my streaming services immediately, with the exception of The Criterion Channel and PBS. I barely ever use these services (CC and PBS excluded), and don't care about 99% of their series. I have and continue to accumulate a library of movies on disc, as many do vinyl albums (myself included), and they will last me a lifetime. They're the equivalents of physical books, of which I also have a certain library, and are my most valued possessions, not in the least because of all my ink underlinings and notes that have accumulated over first readings and re-readings throughout the years. I urge you to consider my position on this note — which is written in solidarity with the Writers' Guild union's demands, the Directors' Guild Union, and SAG-AFTRA. All of the above represents something I will die for by grisly fixed bayonet — the hill I will die upon to sleep the sleep of the just. Please share if  you're willing.


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