Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Halloween Party

For the Love of Amateurs

Split Tooth Media have highlighted a 38-minute 1989 film from Dave Skowronski. (You can watch it here.) It's a high-school era camcorder movie about a slasher who emerges from Connecticut graveyard sod and slaughters a bunch of teens during a Halloween night get-together. The high-school movie experiments! The cast of girls who responded "Okay!" to the offer "Do you want to be in my movie?"!

Halloween Party is very much an artifact, and touches me seeing the period and setting I was contemporary with.

Present-day teen-made films are all over YouTube these days, but instead of having been rocked with an Amiga, they're made in iMovie with the kids typing titles in Impact, upon which they throw on a glow.


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